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Magic Mushrooms Anyone?

What do you know about psychedelics Susie, you ask?!?

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. I know stuff. (Can you hear my slightly defensive tone?)

Seriously though, I know pretty much nothing. (About this topic. I do know some stuff.)

But yes…listening to a lot of podcasts lately. Mostly when I’m doing my hair and makeup in the morning (or afternoon on those days when my bed refuses to release its clutches from my body, or I’m moving in slow-mo and it’s taken me an hour to froth my fake latte. And by fake I don’t mean decaf. I mean coffee-less. Like…bought on a beach from a dude carrying armfuls of ‘discounted’ Gucci sunglasses kinda fake. Plus I use a milk alternative like cashew milk so for you it might have even just got more fake.)

Tim Ferriss interviews fascinating people on his podcast such as Brene Brown, Jamie Foxx, Tony Robbins and Dr. Gabor Mate (He’s Canadian and wrote, ‘When the Body Says No’ – an excellent read including research about how people in caring professions such as nursing have higher rates of MS and chronic illness).

Tim also interviewed Michael Pollan, the author of many books including ‘In Defence of Food’ and ‘How to Change Your Mind – The new science of psychedelics,’ …neither of which I’ve read but figured you might have…or want to.

Michael, (and now Tim) are heavily into research on how psychedelics might aide in behaviour changes, mood disorders and mental health challenges. And to be clear, they are not advocating for people to ‘trip out’ on their own or at a party, but rather have witnessed (and experienced) benefits when people are given measured and safe doses under guided circumstances.

I like to lean towards a more natural approach to health whenever possible (although does it get any more natural than mushrooms? Just sayin’. And of course there are many more psychedelics out there than just mushrooms, such as MDMA and LSD), but I have to be honest…watching this conversation sure gave my curiosity a trip! (Don’t worry. I went to the grocery store to get my raw veg and fungi to snack on for while I watched.)

I don’t know what the future holds for new therapies for the chronically ill, but who knows…there may be hidden answers in unconventional ways that we shouldn’t be too quick to rule out.


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