‘Help the Doctor Help You: 31 Secrets and Tips

to get the BEST from Your Appointments’

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Help the Doctor Help You‘ on

Help the Doctor Help You‘ on

‘Help the Doctor Help You‘ on

“Patient Extraordinaire! Susie may not have asked or even wanted this title, but she has certainly earned it. 

In this book, she uses her personal experience and wit to pass along clear, concise information on how to get the most out of any health care interaction. Whether you have health concerns yourself or for someone you care for, you will benefit from reading this. Susie knows how to turn an often tedious topic into an enjoyable, and dare I say, fun read.”

Barbara Lucas, RN

“I read ‘Help the Doctor’ and absolutely love it. As someone who has just gone through two years of having to fight for what I knew was right for my health, this book would’ve been quite helpful had I had it in my hands a couple of years ago!”

Angela Corbin

From the Back Cover

So, you’ve been struggling with your health and are having new symptoms that are confusing. Or you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that will demand more tests and trips to the doctor. Maybe you love someone who’s sick, and you find yourself sitting in the seat beside them. We all want the best results from these doctor’s appointments – to feel well cared for; to be heard and understood; to go from ‘patient’ to ‘person’. Help the Doctor Help You is full of practical tips, real-life stories, and authentic secrets to help you feel empowered and create a team atmosphere between you and your doctor. You can become more than ‘just a number’!