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Illness is hard.

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All based on experience…

Highlight reel: Type 1 diabetes; fibromyalgia; M.E./CFS; retinopathy (and temporary blindness); gastroparesis; brain surgery

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What Glennon Doyle and Co. Taught Me About My ‘Dense Breasts’ by Susie Schwartz

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Thanks to over 39 years of living with chronic illness, Susie is the definition of an expert patient. She comes to her appointments prepared, asks good questions and knows her body well. Not only do I strive to help her manage her symptoms, but also value her input in my research and educational efforts when it comes to diabetes and gastroparesis. It was Susie I asked to write the patient perspective in an article written by my colleagues and myself, for Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews. We have a mutual trust and respect that is often lacking in the ‘doctor/patient’ relationship. Susie can help get you there.”

Dr. Adam Farmer,  MBBS , BSc(Hons) , PhD, FRCP

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