I’m Feeling Inspired by Heroin

More. I want more. I want more gratitude.

No, I’m not asking to receive it towards me, but rather I want to feel it from me and in me more…more naturally and more often.

Gratitude has the power to heal the mind, the spirit, the body – all of it. 

Can you imagine if we felt it course through our veins like the most potent heroin you could buy? And no needles required! (Well, for the heroin-gratitude that is. I guess I still need my insulin injections, yes?)

Heroin catapults me to the softest white sand beach, the sun warming my bones and the water shimmering in the light like turquoise crystals. Then, a dolphin joins me in the water singing ‘Caribbean Blue’ by Enya into my ear as I float weightless – free. A bird soars above and smiles at me. She then gently lands on the dolphins back and joins in his song to me.

That’s what heroin feels like, right? Or am I thinking of the wrong drug.

Okay so I’ll be honest. I have no idea. Never tried it, and don’t plan to.
But gratitude well, that I have tried. And it feels good.
I heard in my mindfulness app, Calm, that it can be helpful to pick a trigger to remind yourself to feel gratitude – like every time you come to a red traffic light, or have a glass of water or whatever you might do regularly that you want to choose. I thought this was a great idea. So…I picked birds. ‘Bird’ is my maiden name and I love their song and their grace and so…every time I see or hear a bird I want to stop and feel gratitude for something. Not just think it, but really feel it. (The challenge will be when the doves are shouting their song in the wee hours and I’m trying to sleep. I guess though, if feeling gratitude were easy, we’d do it all the time.)

Will you join me in coming up with a gratitude trigger? 

I’d love to hear what you choose! Send me a message. I’m sure I’ll feel inspired.

Less health stress, yes?